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Wooden Sonogram Photo Frame

Wooden Sonogram Photo Frame

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Product Details:

- Product Material: Wooden

- Product Size: 22.5cm (H) * 20cm (L)

- Product Age Range: Maternity, 0-6M, 7-12M, 13-24M, 25-36M, 4-6Y

Product Function:

- B-ultrasound recording board: This feature specifically caters to the B-ultrasound imaging technology, allowing you to record and document the different stages of your baby's growth in the womb. It provides a unique and immersive experience for parents.

- Baby Growth Footprint Record Board: This aspect of the recording board focuses on capturing the footprints of your newborn and baby. It enables you to create a visual representation of their growth journey, from infancy to early childhood.

- Record the baby's growth process: The recording board facilitates the documentation of your baby's growth process. It offers a convenient and organized way to store and display the captured images and footprints, allowing you to cherish and share the memories of your baby's development.

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