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Baby Musical Rattles

Baby Musical Rattles

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This is a baby rattle suitable for infants aged 0-12 months, designed to be hung on a crib. It draws inspiration from the carousel of a wooden merry-go-round, featuring a cute and functional design.

Product Details

- Size: Based on the picture, this product is of a moderate size, suitable for placement on a baby crib.

- Gender: This product is unisex, suitable for both baby boys and girls, allowing them to enjoy the fun and stimulation provided by the rattle.

- Shape: The rattle has a geometric shape design, incorporating various interesting geometric patterns, providing visual stimulation and contributing to cognitive development, such as visual tracking, sound recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

- Recommended Age: This rattle is suitable for various stages of infancy, starting from the prenatal period, and spanning 0-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-24 months, and beyond. It caters to the different needs and developmental stages of babies.

- Certification: This product has obtained CE certification.


The rattle's key features include its musical and soft characteristics. It is equipped with a built-in music box that plays delightful melodies, offering a relaxing and pleasant experience for the baby. Additionally, the rattle is made from soft materials, ensuring the baby's safety and comfort.


The main material used in this product is wood. Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic and safe for infants. It also possesses good durability, withstanding the baby's play and activities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
lidy adm
wonderful !

Adorable and wonderful quality.

Esau Bernal
beautiful !

Very very beautiful, worth 100%, come packed super nice.

I am so happy that you love our products. Have a good day!

Umut Kudai
Great! I love it!

Great! I love it!

Jenna Cld

I love this so much!!! Exactly as the photos! Perfect

I am so happy that you love our products. Have a good day!